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The Benefits of Dental Implants

A flossing woman who is ecstatic over the The Benefits of Dental Implants in Portland, ORAt East Valley Implant & Periodontal Center, we understand how hard it can be to lose teeth. We also understand how amazing it can be to replace teeth that have been lost. Having Dental Implants placed comes with so many tremendous health and quality of life benefits that it’s truly staggering. When you face tooth loss, it is important that you consider all of your tooth replacement options.

The Health Risks of Losing Teeth

Tooth loss is often indicative of some negative oral health issues. If you lose a tooth due to disease or decay, there is a good chance that your oral health will continue to deteriorate at an alarming rate. When you lose a tooth and do not replace it, eventually your jawbone will start to lose bone mass. The bone in your jaw requires constant stimulation that it normally receives from the roots of your teeth. When a tooth is lost, your jawbone stops receiving the stimulation that it needs and it begins to atrophy. Eventually, the bone loss in your jaw that is caused by tooth loss will result in more teeth being lost. This is a dangerous cycle that can easily spin out of control. Fortunately, dental implants can halt bone loss in its tracks!

The Health Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are surgically placed into your jawbone, allowing them to pick up where the roots of your tooth left off. Dental implants are made of titanium, which is a biocompatible material. When something is said to be biocompatible, it means that the human body will readily grow around the object and will not attempt to reject it. Dental implants rely on the bone in your jaw fusing with the titanium dental implant through a process known as osseointegration. Osseointegration is critical for the success of your dental implants.

When you replace missing teeth with dental implants, you are replacing every portion of the tooth, from root to crown. Dental implants will give your jawbone the feedback that the roots of your teeth normally would. This feedback encourages your jawbone to sustain healthy bone density and mass. Dental implants work in favor of your oral health.

Quality of Life Benefits of Dental Implants

Losing teeth can mean losing the ability to eat foods that you enjoy. Foods that are crunchy, or have sharp edges can be very difficult, or even painful to eat, which will often result in giving up on your favorite foods. Your teeth also play a critical role in the way you pronounce words, so when they go missing, it can be hard to pronounce things properly. Many people who lose teeth find themselves smiling a whole lot less because they are embarrassed about their appearance. Dental Implants can fix all of these problems and dramatically improve your quality of life. Best of all, dental implants don’t have any special care requirements like dentures do, you simply brush and floss them just like you do with your natural teeth.

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