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Why Do Your Gums Look So Pale?

Posted on 6/27/2016 by Todd Jorgenson
A woman covering her mouth, because she’s suffering from pale gums.Healthy gums should look a nice shade of pink, and they shouldn't bleed when you touch them or when you floss. If you notice that your gums are starting to look paler than usual, this could be the sign of a problem.

There are certain health conditions that could result in pale gums, or it could just be an issue of poor oral hygiene, but it is important that you understand the cause.

Medical Reasons for Pale Gums

The most common cause for paling of the gums is a condition known as anemia. Many people are anemic, but don't know it, as a blood test is often the only way to diagnose the condition.

However, if you start to notice that your gums are pale and you are also experiencing symptoms of dizziness and fatigue, you may want to explore whether anemia is a possibility.

Gum Disease and Paleness

Gum disease is another common cause of pale gums, which contradicts what a lot of people believe about the condition. Many people think that gum disease only causes bright red gums, but they can also become pale.

Unfortunately, this usually means that your gums have gone through some pretty significant damage that might be irreversible, so this is something you need to talk to your periodontist about right away.

Poor Oral Hygiene and Pale Gums

Failing to properly care for your teeth or mouth can also result in paleness of the gums. If your teeth have extreme buildups of plaque and tartar, it can form in between your teeth and the gums.

This can result in the appearance of paler gums. If your dentist determines that poor oral hygiene is the cause of your gum discoloration, you really need to recommit yourself to properly caring for your teeth in order to avoid future damage.

Please contact us if you have any questions about pale gums.

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